Super Seer Graphic Motorcycle Helmets - Secondwatch and Nightwatch



Introducing the Nightwatch and Secondwatch Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Helmets.

At Super Seer, we support our men and women in law enforcement. We wanted to design a helmet that pays tribute to our law enforcement officers. 

The Seer Nightwatch and Secondwatch helmets feature a thin blue line flag design which honors and remembers those that have perished in the line of duty. The stars on the helmet stand for citizens who stand for justice and order. The dark colors represent chaos and anarchy. The thin blue line stripe symbolizes our law enforcement officers who stand in the gap between lawless and the innocent. Finally, the tire track represents the freedom that comes while riding a motorcycle.

The Seer Nightwatch and Secondwatch helmets are Made in USA for civilian and law enforcement riders.

Check your helmet. Does it say Made in USA?

For over 40 years, every Seer helmet is hand-made at our factory in Colorado from raw materials sourced in the USA. We take pride in creating an American made premium motorcycle helmet that is trusted by countless law enforcement agencies and civilian riders across the United States and Canada. Seer custom half helmets are Made in USA!

What is a "touring helmet"?

Touring is defined as the activity of traveling on an extended journey, usually taken for pleaure, visiting places of interest along the route. There is no better way to tour than on a motorcycle. A good touring motorcycle must have the best motorcycle helmet. The Seer touring motorcycle helmet is designed specifically for extended journeys. The lightweight, fit, comfort and cooling features of a Seer touring helmet allow you to focus on the ride and not your helmet. Our goal is to create such a comfortable helmet that you will forget you are even wearing a helmet. Every Seer helmet can be customized with available paint (including Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW and Indian factory paint colors), interior, harness, visor, and fastener options.

Super Seer Custom Shop

Make sure to check out the SUPER SEER CUSTOM SHOP for additional color options including: Two Color, Custom Color, or Flame Color options. A unique carbon fiber pattern color is also available on S2102/S2108 models.

Need help?

Our sales team is ready to provide you with expert technical advice or to help you with your touring motorcycle helmet order. Contact us through our website , or call us at 1-800-645-1285 to speak with a representative.




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