replacement parts and accessories

American Made Helmet Parts and AccessoriesWhether your Seer Helmet is several years old or brand new, Super Seer offers a complete line of replacement parts and accessories to customize your Seer Helmet. Just like your original Seer Helmet, all of our parts are genuine replacement parts made at our helmet factory in Colorado. From replacement pads and liners to Cool Caps and cold weather accessories, we have the parts that you need to keep your Seer Helmet looking, feeling and performing great for years to come!



S-1092 50th Helmet Bag $14.00 Order Now
S-1097 Cordura Helmet Bag $30.00 Order Now
S-1136 Bubble Black Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1137 Bubble Transparent Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1139 Transparent Black Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1141 Solid Black Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1145 Blue Knight Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1146 Transparent Blue Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1147 Solid White Visor $14.00 Order Now
S-1154 Black Patent Leather Visor for S1608/S2108 $29.00 Order Now
S-1155 Black Patent Leather Visor for S1642 $29.00 Order Now
S-1269 Headband Suspension $18.00 Order Now
S-1280 Foul Weather Adapter for S1602/S2102 Helmets $30.00 Order Now
S-1283 Foul Weather Adapter for S1608/S2108 Helmets $30.00 Order Now
S-1284 Ear Muffs for S1608/S2108 Helmets $27.00 Order Now
S-1285 Ear Muffs for S1602/S2102 Helmets $27.00 Order Now
S-3001 Grand National Glove $49.00 Order Now
S-3007 Cold Weather Glove $49.00 Order Now
S-3009 Velocity Glove $25.00 Order Now
S-3010 Eclipse Glove $22.00 Order Now
S-3011 RESISTOR $33.00 Order Now
S-5001 50th Anniversary - 30oz RTIC Tumbler $29.00 Order Now
S-6101 Snap-on Face Shields $15.00 Order Now
S-7001-1 Cool Cap No Imprint $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-1B Cool Cap No Imprint $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-1R Cool Cap No Imprint $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-2 Cool Cap Winged Wheel $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-3 Cool Cap Winged Wheel/Motors $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-4 Cool Cap Swat $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-5 Cool Cap Blue Line $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-6 Cool Cap Winged Wheel/Blue Line $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-7 Cool Cap Blue line/Motors $20.00 Order Now
S-7001-8 Cool Cap Canada $20.00 Order Now
S-7002-1 Cool Cap Shorty - Blue $20.00 Order Now
S-7002-2 Cool Cap Shorty - Red $20.00 Order Now
S-7002-3 Cool Cap Shorty Plain $20.00 Order Now
S-7006 Comfort Throat Sleeve $8.00 Order Now
S-7007 Nape Sleeve $8.00 Order Now
S-7008 Cushion Pads $26.00 Order Now
S-7009 Comfort Liner $32.00 Order Now
S-7015 Comfort-Max Liner $35.00 Order Now
S-7105 Quick Release Buckle $12.00 Order Now
SENA Bluetooth Integrated Headset $250.00 Order Now
S-9099 Helmet Ears $15.00 Order Now
S-9099-5 Ears for H-D Headsets $15.00 Order Now
S-9099-7 Comm Muffs $28.00 Order Now
SENA Bluetooth Headset for Half-Helmets $199.00 Order Now