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Seer S1608 and S1602

What's the difference?

By Kevin Smith - February 2, 2017

One of the most common questions that we receive is "What is the difference between the Seer S1608 and the Seer S1602? First, both helmets are made from the same outer shell, inner liner, and interior. Information on the materials used to make a Seer Helmet can be found on our website. The difference between the two helmet models are: 1) visor, 2) paint trim lines, and 3) harness.

SEER S1608
  1. The visor on the S1608 is a black patent leather visor. The visor is non-removable and is attached to the helmet with 2 decorative screw buttons and one center screw. The visor is available with Gold, Silver or without a rank band. The visor is available with "P" or "S" decorative buttons.
  2. The paint trim on the S1608 is a "straight-line trim". The horizontal trim line is parallel to the ground on the sides and rear of the helmet.
  3. The helmet harness on the S1608 is a closed ear harness. The closed ear harness has 6 perforated holes for hearing attenuation.

SEER S1602
  1. The visor on the S1602 is a black plastic snap-on visor. The visor snaps onto the helmet with three snaps. The plastic visor is available in Solid or Transparent/Smoke. The visor is available with Gold, Silver or without a rank band.
  2. The paint trim on the S1602 is a "curved trim". The horizontal trim line follows the curvature of the helmet around the sides and rear of the helmet.
  3. The helmet harness on the S1602 is an open ear harness. The open ear harness is needed when attaching communication headsets such as the Setcom Helmet Kits. If the Setcom Helmet Kits are purchased at the same time as the helmet, Pull-The-Dot snaps will be installed onto the open ear harness.

At Super Seer we manufacture each helmet by hand at the time of ordering. This allows the user to customize the Seer Helmet in many ways. For example, you can build your Seer Helmet with the S1602 visor, the S1608 paint trim, and the S1602 harness. 

Features and details on the Seer S1608 and the Seer S1602 can be found on our website. Here you can build your own Seer S1608 and Seer S1602 using our online webstore. As you enjoy your Seer Helmet for years to come, you may need replacement parts. We have over 40 replacement parts for your Seer Helmet on our website. At Super Seer we manufacture all of our helmets at our factory in Colorado using USA sourced raw materials. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need help building your own Seer Helmet.


Visit Super Seer at Booth# 31007

By Kevin Smith - January 16, 2017

Are you going to SHOT SHOW? Make sure to visit Super Seer, Booth# 31007, during SHOT SHOW 2017! We will have our complete line of law enforcement helmets on display, including the All New Helmet Awareness System. The Helmet Awareness System features built-in LED emergency and brake lights which are activated automatically by the motorcycle. This year is our 50th anniversary, and we have FREE SWAG at our booth. We also have NEW PRODUCTS on display for motorcycle and mounted officers. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for all the latest news during SHOT SHOW 2017.

What is SHOT SHOW? The SHOT Show outfits law enforcement, SWAT, armed forces, special ops, and armed security agencies with the best equipment, specialized training and industry connections to improve performance and safety for your personnel. It’s the most comprehensive resource for identifying new equipment and sharing best practices with other industry professionals.

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2016

By Kevin Smith - December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We wish you safe travels this holiday season. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Super Seer will be closed from Friday, December 23rd - Friday, December 30th. We will reopen on Monday, January 2nd, 2017.

To all our customers over the last 50 years, THANK YOU! We look forward to sharing our 50th year anniversary with you in 2017!

Helmet Badges - Available Now

Design your own custom helmet badge

By Kevin Smith - November 21, 2016

Super Seer Corporation is proud to offer helmet badges made by Smith & Warren. After numerous requests for metal helmet badges, we began looking for a badge company. After a very careful search, we selected Smith & Warren badges. Smith & Warren has been manufacturing badges and uniform insignia since 1925. Like a Seer Helmet, Smith & Warren badges are Made in the USA! Every Smith & Warren badge includes a full lifetime warranty on all metal finishes. Create your own helmet badge by visiting the VisualBadge designer on our website. With VisualBadge you can select your unique font, wording, finish, coating and badge type to fit your needs. For more information and to design your own badge, please visit our website

Seer Motor Helmet

Model S1608

By Kevin Smith - November 29, 2016

The Seer S1608 Helmet is fully manufactured at our helmet production facility in Colorado from raw goods sourced in the United States. The Seer S1608 has many unique features including:
  • Black Patent Leather Visor
  • Straight-Line Trim
  • Closed Ear Harness
The Seer S1608 can be painted with our standard colors or you can have it custom painted. We stock factory paint from Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW and Kawasaki motorcycles. To learn more about the Seer S1608 including helmet shell sizes, harness and interior options, please visit the Seer S1608 Helmet Detail Page. Build your own Seer S1608 by visiting our online store. Whether you are riding for work or for pleasure, the Seer S1608 is the perfect choice!