Communications Equipment


Half Shell Helmet Kit

  • For most half shell helmets.
  • Option to slide up or snap on to helmet
  • Designed with a modern, lightweight, UV rated plastic for extended durability
  • Available in single or dual ear speaker systems
  • Repairable
  • Installs in seconds
  • Compatible with Super Seer and other half shell helmets.

External Mount Three-Quarter Shell Helmet Kit

  • For most three-quarter shell helmets
  • Available in single or dual ear speaker systems
  • Thin, lightweight speakers (less than 2 oz.) provide maximum comfort.
  • A modular plug makes the speakers easy to repair or replace, should the need arise.
  • Simple, non-intrusive install
  • Patented design
  • Repairable
  • Compatible with most three-quarter shell helmets including Super Seer and other helmets.

Full Face Internal Mount Helmet Kit

  • For most full face, modular, and three-quarter shell helmets.
  • Available in single or dual ear speaker systems
  • Thin, lightweight speakers (less than 2 oz.) provide maximum comfort.
  • A modular plug makes the speakers easy to repair or replace, should the need arise.
  • Simple, non-intrusive install
  • Repairable
  • Compatible with most full face / modular / flip-up helmets including Nolan and other helmets.

Motorcycle Cable Kits 

Setcom's cable kits allow an officer to safely key the radio and/or transmit over the public address system without taking his hands off the handlebars. Most states require that motorcyclists have both hands on the handlebars at all times.

  • Setcom's Motorcycle Cable Kits and their predecessors have been in use for more than 30 years.
  • Setcom makes a wide variety of Motorcycle Cable Kits for all ComKit configurations: Mobile Radio Only, Portable Radio Only and Mobile + Portable Radio. For all of these configurations, Setcom makes cable kits with and without an interface to the motorcycle's public address system.
  • Custom-designed, powder-coated brackets fit all police motorcycles: Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda and Kawasaki.
  • Radio interfaces work with all widely-used mobile radios. To ensure the seamless integration of its kits, Setcom works extensively with the major radio manufacturers to develop them.
  • Kits include shielded cabling with a polyethylene or neoprene outer shell.
  • Where necessary, the cabling is double-shielded, with one shield on the microphone and another on the overall cable; double shielding eliminates radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference and provides consistently clear communication.
  • Extremely durable, four conductor military-style Nexus connectors are a standard in the kits and provide for a safe and quick disconnect when getting off the motorcycle; Setcom's Portable Radio Only configuration (without public address) uses a two conductor mini-plug connector.
  • Break-away connectors make installation and maintenance easy and economical.
  • For kits with a public address interface, Setcom provides a three position rocker switch. The switch is momentary in one direction for push-to-talk on the radio and locking in the other for broadcast over the motorcycle's public address system. A double-throw mechanical switch, the rocker is more durable and reliable than electrical relays.
  • Kits include extremely rugged push-to-talk switches; Setcom's standard switch is rated to withstand a minimum of 500,000 pushes, and its rocker switch is rated at 150,000 pushes.

Liberator™ Wireless Portable-Only 

The most recent advance in police motorcycle communications, Setcom's Liberator Wireless system eliminates the cable between the officer and the motorcycle, providing maximum flexibility, freedom of movement and reliable communications.

  • No pairing - The Liberator automatically establishes a wireless link when an officer presses the push-to-talk button on the motorcycle. There is no need to "sync" or "pair" the system to the motorcycle.
  • No batteries - The Liberator's efficient power management technology eliminates the need to recharge batteries, a potentially critical point of failure. It draws the minimal power it requires from the portable radio battery.
  • Water-proof - SuperMic is IP-X7 and handlebar Transmitter is IP-X8.
  • Conformal coated - The SuperMic and transmitter PC boards are conformal coated for additional water and contaminant protection.
  • Up to 1,024 simultaneous riders - With its selectable channel plan, the Liberator has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to eliminate extraneous communication between two police motorcycles and/or between the Liberator and the portable or mobile radio. Up to 1,024 motorcycles can ride together without interference.
  • Backward compatible helmet kits - Setcom's Liberator is completely compatible with Setcom's traditional Helmet Kits, making it easy and affordable to upgrade.
  • Quick release jack - As with Setcom's traditional SuperMics, the Liberator's helmet connection provides a quick-release jack to improve officer safety.
  • Worldwide Compatibility - Systems available for North America and Europe/ROW frequency plans.
  • U.S. Patent: 8,010,171

Super Mic

Since their introduction, the SuperMic and SuperMic+ have rapidly become some of Setcom's most popular products.

  • The SuperMic's versatility allows an officer to use it in multiple ways, and with sophisticated electronics, the SuperMic does the switching automatically.


  • The SuperMic operates in three modes:
  • 1: When off the motorcycle with his Helmet Kit plugged in, an officer hears and transmits over the portable radio using the speakers and microphone in the helmet. The SuperMic's push-to-talk button keys the radio.
  • 2: When an officer unplugs the Helmet Kit, the SuperMic's microphone activates, allowing it to be used as a conventional speaker-mic.
  • 3: When an officer plugs into the Motorcycle Cable Kit, the push-to-talk button on the motorcycle's handlebars keys the radio. In Portable Radio Only configurations, the officer transmits and receives over the portable radio; in Mobile + Portable Radio configurations, the officer automatically transmits and receives over the mobile radio.


  • Many of the SuperMic's electronics are surface mounted on proprietary circuit boards, yielding higher quality and durability.
  • The SuperMic's helmet connection provides a quick-release jack to improve officer safety.
  • Setcom offers the SuperMic in two models, the SuperMic and the SuperMic+, both of which work with all widely-used portable radios.
  • In addition to the versatility described above, the SuperMic+ allows an officer to mute its speaker. For Motorola JEDI Series portable radios, the SuperMic+ automatically mutes its speaker when the Helmet Kit is plugged in. For portable radios other than Motorola's JEDI Series, the SuperMic+ includes a three position toggle, allowing an officer to switch the speaker from "Hi" to "Low" to "Mute".
  • The SuperMic+ also includes a 2.5mm jack into which an officer can plug an earpiece, allowing him to discreetly monitor radio traffic when not wearing the helmet.
  • Both SuperMic models can be configured to work with or without a public address system.