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Law Enforcement Motorcycle Helmets

Seer Police Motorcycle Helmets - Made for Police Officers

The Seer police motorcycle helmet is designed specifically for today’s motorcycle police officer. For over 40 years, every Seer helmet is hand-made at our factory in Colorado from raw materials sourced in the United States. We take pride in creating a premium helmet that is trusted by countless law enforcement agencies across the US and Canada. Seer offers a complete line of police motorcycle helmets including half shell, open face, modular and full face helmets. Every helmet can be customized with available paint, interior, harness, visor, fastener, decal, and badge options. Seer police helmets can also be equipped with various communication systems to meet your needs.


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Need design ideas? Visit our Helmet Gallery for design ideas and color samples.

S1602 Helmet Gallery
S1608 Helmet Gallery


S1645 Transformer Helmet

S1693 Off Road Helmet

S1694 Off Road Helmet

S1602 Blue Knights Helmet

S1635 Modular Helmet

S1642 Full Coverage Helmet

S1670 Modular Helmet

S1690 Off Road Helmet

S2102 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Custom Colors

S2102 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Solid Color

S2102 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Two Colors

S2108 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Custom Colors

S2108 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Solid Color

S2108 Carbon Fiber Helmet - Two Colors