Super Seer announces a new line of motorcycle helmets - Seer Touring Helmets

By Staff Writer - August 1, 2023

Seer half shell motorcycle helmets

Super Seer Corporation
Evergreen, Colorado

Super Seer Corporation is excited to announce a new line of motorcycle helmets, Seer Touring Helmets. “We wanted to simplify our motorcycle helmet product offering” explains Kevin Smith, Vice President of Super Seer Corporation. “At Super Seer, we pride ourselves on creating premium, American made custom motorcycle helmets. From colors, trims, patterns, graphics, interiors, visors, fasteners and more there are endless build options for our helmets. Our customers were getting confused by all the build options, so we created a new segment called Seer Touring Helmets. We picked our most popular colors and configurations and rebranded them as Seer Touring Helmets.”

Seer bright blue metallic motorcycle helmet
The best thing about Seer Touring Helmets is that they come in great color options and are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

The Super Seer Touring half shell motorcycle helmet comes in five popular colors including: Glossy Black; Matte Black; White; Silver Metallic; and Bright Blue Metallic paint. Some popular color choices include: Matte Black (pictured below) or Glossy Black; White; or Silver. Our goal is to create such a comfortable helmet that you will forget you are even wearing a helmet.

Seer matte black motorcycle helmet

What is a "touring helmet"?

  • Designed and constructed to provide comfort for more than 10 hours of daily use.
  • Adjustable padding for a custom fit.
  • Long oval shape relieves pressure on front and rear of head.
  • Hand selected materials chosen for comfort and durability against cold cracking, UV, sweat, salt water, humidity and tear resistance.
  • Most materials meet military specs for durability and longevity.
  • Chip and scratch resistant paint.
  • Durable automotive quality UV protectant high gloss clear coat.
Made in America
  • Each helmet is hand sewn, hand formed, hand painted, and hand assembled by American workers using American sourced raw materials.


  1. Choice of paint color
  2. Choice of size
  3. Choice of snap-on visor
  4. Cushion Pad Interior
  5. Double "D" Ring Fastener

Touring is defined as the activity of traveling on an extended journey, usually taken for pleaure, visiting places of interest along the route. There is no better way to tour than on a motorcycle. A good touring motorcycle must have the best motorcycle helmet. The Seer half shell touring motorcycle helmet is designed specifically for extended journeys. The lightweight, fit, comfort and cooling features of a Seer touring helmet allow you to focus on the ride and not your helmet.
“Super Seer Touring Helmets are designed, engineered and manufactured with the highest quality materials to provide exceptional comfort and durability”, said Steve Smith, President of Super Seer Corporation. “Seer Touring Helmets provide our customers with easier ordering and faster shipping without compromising the quality of our motorcycle helmets that Super Seer has been known for, over the last 56 years.”

“For those customers that want to customize their motorcycle helmet, the Super Seer Custom Shop will allow our customers the ability to create a unique motorcycle helmet made specifically for them, “ said Kevin Smith. “At Super Seer, we don't create thousands of the same motorcycle helmet. Instead, we manufacture a personalized helmet, meticulously crafting each one by hand, and customizing them with unique paint, trims patterns and styles with tailored construction exclusively for our customers.”

Each Seer Helmet is made in America, one at a time, using hand selected high quality raw materials sourced in the United States. The Super Seer Custom Shop is for those who desire a helmet that is as unique as the motorcycle that they ride. Solid color, two-tone colors, custom colors, custom trims, carbon fiber pattern and more are available in the Super Seer Custom Shop.
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