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Super Seer Corporation Announces Release of New Carbon Fiber Helmet

All-New Seer S2102 and S2108 Helmets

By Kevin Smith - September 5, 2017

Super Seer Corporation is proud to announce the release of their new carbon fiber motorcycle helmet models, the Seer S2102 and S2108.
In 2017, Super Seer Corporation celebrated 50 years in business. Super Seer was started by Mr. Robert (Bob) Smith in 1967. At that time Super Seer was making double-lens goggles for the ski and snowmobile industry. Through various acquisitions Super Seer acquired general duty / riot police helmets. In 1978 Super Seer Corporation purchased the Law Enforcement assets of the Buco Helmet Division of American Safety. Since 1978 Super Seer Corporation has been an American manufacturer of police helmets including motorcycle, riot, general duty, mounted and correctional helmets. Super Seer also manufactures American-made motorcycle touring helmets for the recreational motorcycle industry. The Seer Helmet brand is known worldwide as a quality product for law enforcement officers and motorcycle riders.
The All-New Seer S2102 / S2108 features new technology including:
  • Uni-directional Advanced Composite Carbon Fibers are used to maximize weight reduction. The resulting helmet weight is reduced by 6 – 10oz.
  • Custom designed fiber angles are used to maximize strength and improve impact performance.
  • A consistent shell thickness is achieved utilizing an all Uni-directional Aerospace Layup technology.
  • The low-profile, long-oval aerodynamic shape improves fit and appearance for longer more comfortable rides.
  • Comfort-Max Liner is lightweight, breathable and features a soft Suede 4-way stretch fabric. Aero-spacer fabric and open cell foam allow air to pass through the liner keeping the head cool and comfortable. The liner is thermo-formed, removable, washable and replaceable and is available in 1/4” and 1/2” foam thicknesses. The adjustable headband suspension, cushion pad, and brushed nylon interiors are also available and include moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial fabrics.
  • Micro-Metric quick release buckle is made from stainless steel and provides easy adjustment of the chin strap.
The Seer S2102 / S2108 are an excellent choice for a motorcycle officer or a recreational rider that desires a lightweight comfortable helmet. The S2102 helmets include a snap-on visor, an open ear harness and a variety of color and trim options. The S2108 helmets include a non-removable black patent leather visor, a closed ear harness, and a variety of color and trim options.
“We worked very hard to get just the right helmet to provide our customers with a lightweight motorcycle helmet with the quality and features they have come to expect from a Seer Helmet,” said Steve Smith – President of Super Seer Corporation. Additionally, “The Seer S2102 / S2108 utilize the very latest materials to create a helmet that our customers will look forward to wearing. We are very excited about the release of this helmet in conjunction with our 50th anniversary.”
The Seer S2102 / S2108 are manufactured at the Super Seer helmet factory Evergreen, Colorado using raw materials sourced in the United States. The Seer S2102 / S2108 are Made in the U.S.A., and are available starting September 5, 2017.

For additional information on Seer Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets and to Buy Now, please visit the following page:
Seer Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Police Helmets, Lightweight, Half Shell, DOT Approved, Made in USA   Seer Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Police Helmets, Lightweight, Half Shell, DOT Approved, Made in USA 
Seer Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Police Helmets, Lightweight, Half Shell, DOT Approved, Made in USA   Seer Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Police Helmets, Lightweight, Half Shell, DOT Approved, Made in USA 

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