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Blue Knights Motorcycle Helmet

Receive a discount on a Seer Helmet

By Kevin Smith - October 2, 2017

Seer Motorcycle Police Helmets, Lightweight, Half Shell, DOT Approved, Made in USABlue Knights International Law Enforcement Club Members can receive a special discount on a Blue Knights Edition Seer Motorcycle Helmet! Seer is the standard for police motorcycle helmets. We understand what it takes to make a great helmet, and this is why all of our helmets are made in America. Seer Helmets has a special for Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club members.

For a Limited Time Blue Knights Members will receive a 15% discount, plus FREE shipping, on a Blue Knights Edition Seer Police Motorcycle Helmet.

Now the same Seer Helmet trusted by countless law enforcement agencies is available to Blue Knights members.

Click here to order your Blue Knights Edition Seer Motorcycle Helmet today!