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Canadian Thin Blue Line Cool Caps

Available Now

By Kevin Smith - March 20th, 2019

New Canadian Thin Blue Line Cool Caps are AVAILABLE NOW from Super Seer Corporation! The Ultra-Wicking Seer Cool Caps now feature a Thin Blue Line Canadian Flag imprint. 


  • Stretchy, lightweight, breathable and comfortable for all day use. 
  • Flat lock seams allow the Cool Cap to stretch for comfort without feeling tight or restrictive.  
  • Machine Washable & Chemical Free
  • Ventilated mesh fabric for increased air flow
  • One size fits all (even Fat Heads)
  • Can be customized with imprinted graphics
  • Designed and Made in USA!

The All New Seer Cool Cap is perfect for law enforcement officers or performance athletes who need a lightweight, breathable, ultra-wicking skull cap. If you wear a helmet, or if you sweat, you need a Seer Cool Cap. Order yours today!