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Carbon Fiber Pattern

New for 2019!

By Kevin Smith - March 28, 2019

You asked for it, and now you can get your Seer carbon fiber helmet painted with our New carbon fiber pattern! In 2017, Super Seer released our carbon fiber helmet models, the S2102 and S2108 helmets. Since that time we have received multiple requests about the "carbon fiber look". Starting in Spring 2019, you can get your Seer carbon fiber motorcycle helmet made with the carbon fiber pattern. 

Seer Custom Carbon Fiber Harley-Davidson Motorcycle HelmetSeer Custom Carbon Fiber Harley-Davidson Birch White with Carbon Fiber Police Motorcycle Helmet

At Seer Helmets, each helmet is hand made to your specifications. Most helmet companies make you select from 1 or 2 designs. At Seer, we want your helmet to stand out, and our carbon fiber pattern is no different! With the new carbon fiber pattern, you can customize the look of your helmet in countless ways.

Seer Custom Carbon Fiber Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Helmet
Q: What about a two-tone carbon fiber pattern with Harley-Davidson custom color matched paint?

Q: Can you paint Silver flames on the carbon fiber pattern? YOU BET!

We specialized in custom color matched motorcycle helmets. We have Harley, Honda, BMW and Indian factory colors. Your helmet color options are only limited by your imagination! Did we mention that every Seer Helmet is made in the USA? At Seer, each helmet is produced using raw materials sourced in the USA. 

What makes carbon fiber so great anyway? 
Carbon fiber in its raw form consists of extremely thin fibers. These fibers range between 0.005 – 0.010 millimeters in diameter. For reference human hair is between 0.06 and 0.08 millimeters in diameter. A single strand of human hair is more than 6 times thicker than a single strand of carbon fiber! Thousands of carbon fiber strands are twisted together to form yarn. The yarn is then woven at precise, intricate patterns to create carbon fiber cloth. At Super Seer we use this woven carbon fiber cloth to make our carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.

What are the benefits of using carbon fiber? 

Carbon fiber is very lightweight and less dense than steel. For example, carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel but only 1/3 the weight. Carbon fiber requires less resin which also saves weight. This strength-to-weight ratio allows us to use less material while maintaining the same standards required when manufacturing a motorcycle helmet. Super Seer spent almost 18 months designing, testing, and developing the proper strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber to be used in the Seer carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.

Order your Seer Carbon Fiber Helmet today!