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Legend Blue and Vivid Black Motorcycle Helmet

Available now from Seer Helmets

By Kevin Smith - April 11, 2019

Do you have a 115th Anniversary Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the anniversary Legend Blue and Vivid Black color scheme? Now you can get a custom helmet painted to match!

Order your new helmet from Super Seer and we will manufacture a helmet as unique as the H-D 115th anniversary motorcycles. The Legend Blue and Vivid Black colors are available in a variety of two tone trim styles in your choice of fiberglass or lightweight carbon fiber helmet models. Every Seer Helmet is manufactured in the USA. The fit, cooling, comfort and quality of a Seer Helmet are designed to make your Seer Helmet feel as great as it looks.

To learn more, or to order your Legend Blue and Vivid Black motorcycle helmet, please visit