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30th Annual Southeast Police Motorcycle Rodeo

By Kevin Smith - April 17, 2019

In 1990, Super Seer received a phone call from Sergeant Dave Johnson from Fort Lauderdale PD. Sgt. Johnson asked if we would help sponsor their first ever motorcycle rodeo. Bob Smith jumped at the idea to help out, and our partnership with the Southeast Rodeo began. Over the next 30 years, Super Seer is honored to have been a part of this prestigious event. In 2019, there are over 58 police motorcycle rodeos across the US and Canada. For Super Seer, it all started with the South East Rodeo, and it is the standard that all other rodeos strive to meet.

In 1990, the first ever winners of the Seer Helmet Gift Certificate were:
Kerry Hardison - MR. RODEO 1990 - Fort Lauderdale PD
Mitch Van Sant - Fort Lauderdale PD
Jim Polan - Fort Lauderdale PD
Dave Johnson - Fort Lauderdale PD