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Police Riot Helmets from Super Seer

Experience and quality make a difference

By Kevin Smith - March 25, 2020

Super Seer Riot Helmets for police officers are manufactured from the highest quality materials for over 40 years.

What goes into making a Seer Riot Helmet?

Super Seer S1621 Tactical Riot Helmet for Police OfficersOver 40 years experience goes into every Seer Riot Helmet that we manufacture. For the last 40 years, we have sent several samples to prisons, police academies and patrol cars for real world testing. We instruct the field testers to subject the helmets past real world situations. We then take the damaged helmets back for inspection and review. Only after a complete and thorough review of the tested helmets will we put the official Seer Riot Helmet brand name to the finished product. As a police officer "holding the line" or responding to a protest, you can have absolute confidence that your Seer Riot Helmet was field tested and manufactured to the highest standards. For over 40 years, the largest cities in the US and Canada have trusted Seer Riot Helmets to protect their officers. We have confidence in every helmet that we make so that you can too!


What materials are used to make a Seer Riot Helmet?

We carefully select every raw material for the highest quality, strength and performance capabilities. Every Seer Super Seer S1613 Half-Shell Riot Helmet for Police Officers Riot Helmet is 100% Made in America using USA sourced raw materials. We worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that Seer Riot Helmets are Berry Compliant. From the sewn harness to the raw outer shell and the impact absorbing inner liner, each Seer Helmet is manufactured from start to finish at our helmet factory. Seer Riot Helmets use unique materials that are not found in any other riot helmet on the market. We use fiberglass, urethane, SoftTouch fabric, Cordura, Polane, 16 gauge steel, high optical polycarbonate and many other proprietary and unique materials. The majority of these materials are premium, high quality materials which have been carefully selected for their exceptional performance. When you are on the front lines of a violent riot, would you rather have a cheap riot helmet, or a Seer Riot Helmet that has been manufactured using the highest quality materials?

How about a Field Test?

We welcome the opportunity to send our riot helmets to be field tested by law enforcement officers. Contact us today for a 30 day, no cost, no obligation evaluation sample. You can also learn about our complete line of riot helmets by visiting our website.