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Laser Beam Protection

By Kevin Smith - October 5, 2020

Lazer-Shield Laser Beam Protection for Tactical Riot Police HelmetsLazer-Shield Laser Beam Protection

Super Seer Corporation released Lazer-Shield to effectively protect police officers from the growing threat of laser beam attacks during protests. The shield is a universal self-adhesive protective strip that reduces a green, blue or violet laser beam from 1 Watt to harmless 1/1000 Watt.

Inexpensive high-powered hand-held lasers have led to an increasing number of attacks on law enforcement officers, often in riot situations. Attackers direct the laser toward an officer's eyes. If struck without protection, the officer can be blinded. Even traffic, marine and police aviators have been targets of laser beam attacks.

Super Seer's Lazer-Shield Kit creates universal protection that fits onto any face or body shield for highly effective immediate protection from laser beam attacks. New face or body shields can be Lazer-Shielded or law enforcement agencies can purchase a retrofit kit for existing equipment.

Super Seer Lazer-Shield far surpasses any other laser protective product as tested from a distance of 2 yards for a period of 10 seconds. The science is fully supported by world-class laser experts. During laboratory tests, the Lazer-Shield reduced the laser beam from an extremely harmful 1 Watt to harmless 1/1000 Watt. Eye exposure was reduced to 1.0mW resulting in an Optical Density (OD) of OD 3.0.