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Seer S1613 Riot Helmet

Riot/Crowd Control Helmet

By Kevin Smith - April 26, 2016

NIJ Riot Control,Police,Law Enforcement,Crowd Control,Non Ballistic,Public Order HelmetThe Seer S1613 is a half-shell riot helmet with a built-in ear and neck protector. The helmet features a fiberglass shell, urethane impact absorbing liner and an ABS plastic inner shell. The ABS ear and neck protector is permanently riveted to the fiberglass shell and,includes 3/8" closed cell foam. The interior pads are included in 3 thicknesses which allow for custom sizing.

The injection molded polycarbonate face shield clips onto the front of the helmet with a spring steel clip. The face shield includes a neoprene rubber liquid seal. The liquid seal prevents liquid from falling into the officer's face and eyes. 

The Seer S1613 riot helmet meets and or exceeds the NIJ 0104.02 standards for impact and crash protection.
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