Seer S1610 Riot Helmet

Riot/Crowd Control Helmet

By Kevin Smith - April 15, 2016

NIJ Riot Control,Police,Law Enforcement,Crowd Control,Non Ballistic,Public Order Helmet

The Seer S1610 is a half-shell riot helmet with a built-in ear and neck protector. The helmet features a fiberglass shell, urethane impact absorbing liner and an ABS plastic inner shell. The ABS ear and neck protector is permanently riveted to the fiberglass shell and,includes 3/8" closed cell foam.

The interior pads are included in 3 thicknesses which allow for custom sizing. The injection molded polycarbonate face shield snaps onto the front of the helmet with 3 snaps.

The Seer S1610 riot helmet meets and or exceeds the NIJ 0104.02 standards for impact and crash protection.

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