Tactical Bump Helmet for Law Enforcement

Available from Seer Helmets

By Kevin Smith - April 16, 2020

Seer S1715 Tactical Bump Helmet

The Seer S1715 Tactical Bump helmet offers protection against blunt impact. The S1715 bump helmet comes standard with side picatinny rails and universal NVG mount. Bungee attachments from the rails to the NVG mount add stability to the night vision when attached.

  • This helmet comes standard with impact pads combined with an upgraded BOA® 4-point retention harness with Rapid Adjustment Dial to allow for on-the-go sizing and superior fit.
  • Standard bump protection against blunt impact Excellent shock and impact attenuation.

Size and Weight

Standard Sizes– Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large
Weight – 1.1 lbs


Standard colors are Black, Tan and OD Green. Custom hydrographic patterns include Multicam, Desert Digital ACU, Kryptex and other patterns are available.


Velcro Kit included within the helmet for attachment of various helmet accessories.

Seer S1715 Tactical Bump Helmet for Law Enforcement

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