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Seer Motor Helmet

Model S1608

By Kevin Smith - November 29, 2016

The Seer S1608 Helmet is fully manufactured at our helmet production facility in Colorado from raw goods sourced in the United States. The Seer S1608 has many unique features including:
  • Black Patent Leather Visor
  • Straight-Line Trim
  • Closed Ear Harness
The Seer S1608 can be painted with our standard colors or you can have it custom painted. We stock factory paint from Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW and Kawasaki motorcycles. To learn more about the Seer S1608 including helmet shell sizes, harness and interior options, please visit the Seer S1608 Helmet Detail Page. Build your own Seer S1608 by visiting our online store. Whether you are riding for work or for pleasure, the Seer S1608 is the perfect choice!