American Made Helmets

For Law Enforcement and Civilian Riders

By Kevin Smith - March 14, 2022

Since 1978, every Seer Helmet has been made in America!

What does this mean?

At Super Seer we believe in American manufacturing. We build each Seer Helmet by hand at our helmet factory in Evergreen, Colorado. Our team of highly skilled American workers are proud to help produce the best half-helmets in the world. The quality, finish, materials, and workmanship truly set a Seer Helmet apart from other helmet brands.

What is in a Seer Helmet?

We hand select only the finest raw materials from American suppliers. We construct each Seer Helmet with the best materials available for safety, durability, longevity, comfort, and style. We put hours into your Seer Helmet, and we don’t ship your Ameircan-made motorcycle helmet until it meets our standards and meticulous quality checks.

What makes a Seer Helmet so great?

A Seer Helmet is designed to be the best fitting helmet that you have ever felt on your head. Tens of thousands of law enforcement officers put a Seer Helmet to use every day. We make our helmets long and oval because that is the shape of American heads. This eliminates front and rear pressure points. Our helmets are lightweight, comfortable, cool, and form fitting to your head. This reduces fatigue and increases awareness whether you are a police officer or a civilian on a long motorcycle ride.

Looking for some reviews?

Check out our Google Reviews as well as an in-depth half-helmet test and review by Jerry Palladino.

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