How much does your helmet weigh?

  • The New HJC RPHA-90s CARBON weighs 1,305 grams.
  • The Shoei Neotec 2 weighs 1,780 grams.
  • That's a difference of 475 grams, or the weight of a 21" Steel Sentry Baton.
Introducing the New HJC RPHA-90s CARBON LE.

Finally, a modular helmet that doesn’t feel like a modular helmet. The carbon fiber outer shell provides a lightweight and comfortable shell with enhanced Shock-Resistant performance.


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The HJC RPHA-90s CARBON LE carbon fiber modular motorcycle helmet is feature packed with the latest innovations to provide exceptional comfort, strength-to-weight ratio, and optical clarity.


Extremely lightweight at 1,305 grams

Glasses Groove

Built-in molded Glasses Grooves accommodate riders who wear prescription glasses or sunglasses

Quiet and Comfortable

A 3D-engineered ergonomic Low-Noise Interior significantly reduces road noise

Carbon Fiber Shell

Carbon fiber outer shell provides enhanced Shock-Resistant performance

3 Size Shells

3 unique shell sizes allow for a better fit across all head sizes

Built to Last

5 year warranty guarantees the helmet to be free of defects in materials and workmanship

Improved Optics

The HJC RPHA-90s CARBON is a feature packed modular police motorcycle helmet with improved optics for motorcycle officers.

  • Wide-vision Integrated Sunshield offers improved peripheral vision which helps to reduce eye strain and obstruct sunlight
  • The included Black Dark Smoke sunshield with Anti-fog and Anti-scratch coating
  • RapidFire™ III Shield Replacement System uses a simple and secure ratchet system that provides an ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation
  • Anti-fog outer lens provides 99% UV protection and is pin-prepared for the included Pinlock® Anti-fog inner lens

Communication Ready

The HJC RPHA-90s CARBON LE includes molded speaker pockets for Setcom Communication headsets. Seamlessly integrate Setcom's Liberator Wireless communication system with your hand-held radios.  

The HJC RPHA-90s CARBON LE will accommodate most Bluetooth headsets, including the SMART HJC Bluetooth headset, co-developed with SENA, tailored specifically for HJC helmets.

Are you ready to drop the excessive weight? 

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