XL-9 Long Replacement Lens for Vari-Shield
XL-9 Long Replacement Lens for Vari-Shield
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Extend the life of your Super Seer Vari-Shield! Change colors or styles in less than 1 minute.

The XL-9, Replacement Helmet Lens with tint, will easily slip into your existing Vari-Shield frame with no tools required. The lens will cover your face to the bottom of your chin (7" long vertically). Total UV Tint is brown orange in color absorbing 98% of harmful UVa and UVb rays giving complete comfort from the harmful effects of the summer sun.

While you are replacing the lens, why not take a look at the slide mechanism. You can lubricate the track with silicone based sprays, white lithium grease, or vaseline. Take care to apply only a very small amount of lubricant with a Q-Tip in the slide track so as not to attract dirt & grit. You can clean dirty lenses with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Pat dry with a towel. For storage, use the foam the lens comes wrapped in. It will dramatically prolong the life of the shield.