XS-9 Short Replacement Lens for Vari-Shield , Super Seer
XS-9 Short Replacement Lens for Vari-Shield
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Extend the life of your Super Seer Vari-Shield! Change colors or styles in less than 1 minute.

The XS-9, Replacement Lens for sale, will easily slip into your existing Vari-Shield frame with no tools required. The lens will cover your face to the center of your mouth (5 1/2" long vertically). Total UV Tint is brown orange in color absorbing 98% of harmful UVa and UVb rays giving complete comfort from the harmful effects of the summer sun.

While you are replacing the lens, why not take a look at the slide mechanism. You can lubricate the track with silicone based sprays, white lithium grease, or vaseline. Take care to apply only a very small amount of lubricant with a Q-Tip in the slide track so as not to attract dirt & grit. You can clean dirty lenses with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Pat dry with a towel. For storage, use the foam the lens comes wrapped in. It will dramatically prolong the life of the shield.