S1602 Fiberglass Blue Knights Helmet , Super Seer
S1602 Fiberglass Blue Knights Helmet
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Seer is the standard for police motorcycle helmets. We understand what it takes to make a great helmet, and this is why all of our helmets are made in America. Seer Helmets has a special for Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club members. The Super Seer S1602 Blue Knights helmet is available in the Blue Knights Light Blue with Dark Blue High Trim color scheme. 

For a limited time, Blue Knights members will receive a 15% discount, plus FREE shipping, on a Blue Knights Helmet.

Now the same Seer Helmet trusted by countless law enforcement agencies is available to Blue Knights members.

The Seer S1602 motorcycle club helmet is a traditional "shorty" helmet with a fiberglass shell and polyurethane liner. The helmet affords a slim, low profile. There are four different interior options from which to choose. A snap-on visor comes standard with the S1602.  Slim low profile design  eliminates the "Mushroom Head" look. The Seer S1602 includes a standard "D-Ring" fastener with comfort throat sleeve and a nape strap which work together to keep the helmet stable on your head. No lifting caused by wind gusts.The S1602 accepts a full line of accessories and communication equipment and is very popular with motorcycle officers. The S1602 Solid Color includes a two-tone combination of any of our 10 standard colors and is equipped with Adjustable Front Vents & Air Channeled Interior. Certified to FMVSS 218-D.O.T.

Please note: Each Seer Blue Knight Helmet is made by hand from raw materials at our factory in Evergreen, Colorado. Due to the vast number of sizes, colors, options, and configurations available we build your helmet to your specifications at the time of order. The standard lead time for a custom helmet is 6-8 weeks. Please allow adequate time for us to produce your helmet. We do maintain a stock of several helmet colors and sizes. Please contact us to check the stock and availability of a particular helmet, or if you need your Seer Helmet by a specific date.