Increasing Laser Beam Attacks on Police Officers

By Kevin Smith - October 12, 2020

The big problem police face is the simple fact that laser beam attacks are increasing during protest and riot situations. As seen below protestors have access to high and low power red, blue, green and purple lasers. This means that police need access to safe and effective multi-spectral laser protection, not mono-spectral. The increasing use of laser beams to attack police officers in a protest and riot situation is a serious officer safety issue, and the proper protective equipment must be used.

Agencies evaluating and purchasing any protective device for their officers and employees are mandated to conduct proper scientific evaluations under a Duty of Care obligation and take responsibility for any resulting liability issues. 

Eye damage and eyesight loss is a serious threat when lasers are deployed as hostile weapons. Agencies provide fully tested body armor against firearms, fully tested gas masks against chemicals, therefore the same degree of Due Diligence is required with officer eye safety evaluations and purchase. This is a liability issue. Laser eye safety is identical to issuing body armor for the eye.

If an officer is blinded not only is his career over but morale within the unit and agency is affected. This is NOT a matter of saving money and buying the less expensive eye glass or filter as every claim made by a manufacturer must be scrutinized and assessed, as there are many false claims and sub-standard products are being offered. 

The Super Seer Lazer-Shield effectively protects police officers from the growing threat of laser beam attacks during protests. The shield is a universal self-adhesive protective multi-spectral strip that reduces a green, blue or violet laser beam from 1 Watt to a harmless 1/1000 Watt. Super Seer's Lazer-Shield Kit creates universal protection that fits onto any face or body shield for highly effective immediate protection from laser beam attacks. New face or body shields can be Lazer-Shielded or law enforcement agencies can purchase a retrofit kit for existing equipment from any manufacturer.

Learn more about how a Lazer-Shield can protect against the growing threat of laser beam attacks on police officers. Ask us for the Laser Protection Assessment white paper how to scientifically select the right laser protection for your agency.

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